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Air Ambulance services

We are based in  Hyderabad, Telangana (formerly known as Andhra Pradesh), India Our company offers air ambulance services and Medical evacuation Air charter service along with medical team experienced in emergency handling Medical escort ICU to ICU transfers (inter-hospital intensive care patients).

Air ambulance will be helpful for :

Road accident patients

Industrial Disaster Patients

Ventilator-dependent patients,

Cardiac emergencies

Flood disaster victims

Multi-trauma cases where timely surgery and medication is of essence.

Apart from that air ambulance can be used for Spinal cord/head injury patients and Transplant recipients etc air ambulance can be used for 85% burn patient transfers, air ambulance Helping burn survivors and their families cope with and overcome the unimaginable and difficult challenges they encounter following a burn injury.

Air ambulance services can be availed any where in india.

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