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Flower Dropping

Akinos Flights arranges Helicopter / air craft for flower dropping services globally, Flower dropping services has become a compulsory nowadays.

A helicopter / aircraft can be used for flower dropping (Showering). To make an occassion very special and remembering for a special one.

Flower Dropping is a very good concept especially during events such as marriges, felicitations, inaugrations other ceremonies. The Helicopter carries approximately 50-60 KG's of flowers, flower petals, colourful silver & paper foils. These can be dropped at the required spot at the required time.

Based on the quantity of flowers helicopter can be loaded number of times with flowers/flower petals.

Flower dropping is used for various occassions such as :

Religious Ceremonies

Election Campaigns

Wedding Ceremonies

Political Rallies

Family Gatherings

So whatever be the occassion you can opt for flower dropping.

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